Next features and bug fixes

Here are the next features and bug fixes I plan to implement, more or less in order and without date commitment:

  • fix intermittent bugs with the “see all” links

  • add trombinoscopes (Photo des orgas, Suggestion: Trombinoscope)

  • allow automatic insertion of name and contact details of organizer in charge, in the PDF sheets of PCs, NPCs and groups

  • allow insertion of extra information at the bottom of the PDF sheets (larp name, page number, etc.)

  • allow automatic insertion of the name of the group(s) a PC or NPC belongs to, in its PDF sheet

  • mass import of subscription by uploading an Excel spreadsheet

  • add a new page listing all the relationships, highlighting empty and missing relationships

  • allow sorting on the index pages (Adding columns and make lists sortable)

  • allow adding new columns on the index pages (Adding columns and make lists sortable) (I need to check first if that’s possible without complicating too much the codebase)

  • add a new type field, “dropdown”

  • improve graphs (requested here)

I add a new feature:

  • when I think it will be useful for many larps
  • when it’s not too complicated to implement
  • when it does not complicate too much the use of Larpwriter (many Larpwriter users are new users, so Larpwriter needs to stay relatively simple, with few configuration options)
  • when I want too :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s being said don’t hesitate to ask for a new feature! For that please create a new subject in the forum.