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This is the public English forum of Larpwriter.

You can ask questions, report bugs and suggest new features :slight_smile:

Is there a Discourse preference to set the interface language to English?

(I’m poking around on meta ATM to see if there is a plugin)

@larpwellington sorry I see only now you question. I’ve changed the forum setting so that the interface is now displayed depending on the browser language preferences. Can you see now the interface in English?

I’ve changed the setting, but I’m still getting everything in French. I use Discourse a lot, so its easy to glork from context though.

(Huh. I wonder if I can do the Discobot tutorial in French without it noticing)

@larpwellington I not sure what is going on, I can’t replicate the issue. Can you try to force reload http://forum.larpwriter.com/ ?