There are often groupstructures, that need subgroups to organize them.


  1. The Magicians

    1.1 Magicians of Earth
    1.2 Magicians of Water
    1.3 Magicians of Fire

1.1.1 - Fred
1.1.2 - Sibill

1.2.1 - Kasimir
1.2.2 - Gregory

1.3.1 - Monique
1.3.2 - Gaby

Is it possible to do this?

Thanks a lot, Frauke

It is possible to include a group within another group. For instance in the page of the group The Magicians you can click the « add a member » link and there add a group instead of a PC or NPC:

Make sure to test this feature to see if that matches your need. There are plenty of different possible and needs around subgroups, Larpwriter cannot satisfy all of them. The subgroup feature was based on the needs of the first people who ask for it (forum thread in French, hopefully Google Translation can translate it correctly). I don’t plan to change or add new things around subgroups, else this will be too complicated for me to maintain and for newcomers to use.

My imagination didn’t reach so far.

Thank you!