Multiple Group Memberships

Is there a reason why characters can be members of the same group more than once?

@s4a in some larps, a character can be a member of a group with his real name, and be member of the same group with another name and picture (using the options use the following name instead of the name of the member and use a specific picture instead of the picture of the member - screenshot): the other members of the group think they are different characters while it is actually the same one.

Ok, then it makes sense. We would have loved to stop this from happening, so it would be awesome if this could be optional. On top it was difficult, because we couldn’t find out where in the character you could see in which groups they‘re a member. So we ended up with a mess of some characters not in the group, some multiple and basically no way to find out except my weeding through them one by one. We ended up not really using it at all.

@s4a cool, I’ll add a configuration option to prevent the same character to be included more than once in a group.

we couldn’t find out where in the character you could see in which groups they‘re a member

This can be seen on the character page below “Player Information” in Files attached to the character sheet: the sheets of the following groups and their possible attached files:.

@s4a actually I’ve thought a bit more about that and I’d prefer not adding a new configuration option (I try to have as few configuration options as possible as most of the users are « intermittent » users). An alternative would be to indicate, when adding a new group member, which characters are already member of the group in the dropdown, something like that:

Hopefully that would be enough for organizers to avoid adding unintentionally more than once a character in a group.

Would that work for you?

That’s a solution I could live with. The config option would have been preferable to me, but I understand if it doesn’t fit your development principles.
Thanks a lot!