Exported Document - pdf/word

I would like, that the exported Document (now pdf) would also could exported as (for example) word.
I would like to change font and size and do some pagebreaks.

Thanks a lot, Frauke

Export to the Word format is impossible, too complicated technically. The only (poor) workaround would be to use a PDF -> Word converter on the PDF files exported by Larpwriter, e.g. https://smallpdf.com/pdf-to-word.

Maybe it’s possible for me to add a new larp settings that would increase or decrease the font size of exported PDFs (e.g. increase by 10%). The same change ratio apply to all the text of the PDFs. Would that be good enough for you?

More important are these pagebreaks between the plotelements.

Fontsize, I can rugulate in the texts-elements, right?

To convert each document isn’t practicable for future, but for now ok.

You are great!

OK cool, I’ll look into adding page breaks between elements. I’ll let you know when it’s ready to test.

Right, there is a size option in the text element editor :+1:

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