Copy/Clone LARP for continuations

Is or will be there a way to copy or clone a complete larp with all templates and with option to copy data records too? So when I created and configured my templates and want to reuse them on my next larp too I could recreate it based on an existing larp?
For example I’ve created NPCs and groups and elements and element templates in a larp of which I plan to have a continuation later. So I would like to copy the LARP with some required data and all the templates to start next concerning LARP without re-creating the same NPCs and groupd and elements and templates.
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@danny there will, hopefully by the end of the year. I started this copy feature but it’s not finished yet. Thanks for the idea of choosing to copy only the templates, I’ll include this option in the copy feature.

For now it’s possible to email me to get a copy of a larp, I do the copy manually.

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I’ve added the ability to copy a larp directly from the interface. I’ve not included the option to copy only the templates. If you are still using Larpwriter let me know and I would add it.

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Hi Florent,
I am still using Larp Writer definitely.
Thanks for adding this option.

Cool, I’ve added the option to copy only the templates :tada:

There was a problem with it… :frowning:

No. It needed just more time…?

The “only the templates” does not working, I think…

@spielleitung I can’t reproduce the issue, it works fine with my larps, can you share the URL or name of the larp for which you face this bug? Then I’ll fix it.